That’ll teach you: momones

1. Juli 2015
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    Momones fruit

    Happy Monday guys!

    I think most of us are in slight shock that the weather man keeps saying it’s going to be 30+ degrees this week. Not quite sure how to cope with the news… but I imagine shorts will help. Shorts and ice lollies.

    Last week, Adriana from marketing came over to my desk and asked, with a mix of excitement and bewilderment „Have you seen these before?“. Don’t worry, luckily she wasn’t talking about some number filled spreadsheets… she was referring to these little green delectable fruits. The marketing team are fab, they know I’m always trying to find new, unknown types of food for you all, so they’re constantly sending me little messages with ideas like „how about snowcones?“ „have you heard of ice kachang?“ „Can we put Halo-halo on the blog?“. So, watch this space.

    momones fruit

    The fact is, I have genuinely never heard of or seen these fruit before – not even on TV. They are called momones and I have read extensively about them over the weekend – because yes, I’m a food geek. One of the sweetest things I read about them was that „there are some fruits worth climbing a tree for. These are one of them“. Most people find making any useful comparison between momones and another flavour pretty tough, but they are sweet and tangy. They have something lemony but also something melony about them. Originally found in Colombia and Venezuela, they aren’t really commonly available in Europe. So… trip to Colombia? Who’s with me?

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